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January 2018

“Softek offer both PB margin calculation services and the necessary data management for accurate calculation of these models. By integrating these calculation services into Cassini we can offer the complete span of margin and asset models from OTC, through ETD to proprietary Hedge Fund portfolio margins. Cassini integrates these into our rich Pre and Post-Trade optimisation and analytic workflows for any type of buy side firm”.

- Liam Huxley, founder of Cassini Systems

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May 2018

"As a technology firm and introducing broker, Atreyu focuses on systematic managers whose expertise is designing trading models, not trading infrastructure. We start by connecting clients to the Atreyu platform, then automating all subsequent processes with features that include high-speed throughput, position monitoring, risk surveillance, and billing. As the market for servicing quantitative trading has been unfolding quickly, we chose the Softek platform to manage risk and credit in near real-time. While we’re currently using Softek for monitoring post-trade, the service will also form part of our pre-trade credit check process, making use of their FIX API to feed our buying power checks near real time."

- George Kledaras, CEO at Atreyu

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