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Softek has extensive experience of providing services to Prime Brokerages. With regulatory change increasing the pressure on the bottom line, Softek’s private cloud service offers a cost efficient alternative enabling you to reduce overheads, increase profitability and re-deploy resource to other key areas of your business.

Implementation and Care

Nothing is more important to our organization than each of our working colleague's commitment to the highest quality ethical standards. Together they form a dedicated group of technical, industry and client-care professional experts readily available to assist in addressing customer issues with prompt and efficient solutions at all times.

Asset Classes




Fixed Income


Asset Backed

Foreign Exchange

Service Benefits

Softek’s highly flexible service for Prime Brokerages gives you the ability to:



Whether house or regulatory, manage clients credit under a scenario, strategy, and/or portfolio approach. 


Multi-level reports tailored to your specific requirements such as by firm, business unit, desk, client, liquidity, concentration



Daily and near real-time control of credit, concentration and liquidity risk.

Client and Firm exposure management and automated alerting related to any metric including

  • Net free credit

  • Unhedged “high risk” securities

  • Market Value, Sector, Issues Exposure vs Limits

  • Concentration and Liquidity breaches



​Robust data management practices

Multiple report formats; XML, CSV, TXT, PDF

Basel III Reporting

6 Million+

Trades processed daily


Intraday client calculations daily

What Clients Tell us

"With margins being squeezed Softek enables us to keep ongoing running costs to a minimum"

"Softek's intraday service gives us peace of mind by enabling us to monitor our clients in near real time".


"Softek's reports showed us that some of our clients exceeded their credit & leverage limits during the day. We soon put a stop to that".

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