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Clearing Capital
Margin Reporting
Intraday Monitoring
Email Alerts
Stress Testing
What-If Modelling


Softek provides middle and back office post-trade solutions to clearing firms, fund administrators and any trade reconciliation provider. We offer a seamless integration with all 3rd Party Networks and can help provide an automated front-to-back office view of risk for all your trading partners. Whether your client is a retail B/D, PB, Introducing Broker/Mini Prime, or Proprietary Trader, Softek can assist. 

Implementation and Care

Nothing is more important to our organization than each of our working colleague's commitment to the highest quality ethical standards. Together they form a dedicated group of technical, industry and client-care professional experts readily available to assist in addressing customer issues with prompt and efficient solutions at all times.

Asset Classes




Fixed Income


Asset Backed

Foreign Exchange

Service Benefits

Softek's affordable and quick to implement 

service provides clearers an ability to:​


Integrate with any number of back, middle or front office systems to provide a complete view of each client, capturing "executed away" trades.


Monitor your client's margin requirement's and firm capital exposure in near real-time to keep control of various funding requirements.


Track your business under a series of stress scenarios ​to highlight intraday risks with bespoke email alerts to help identify areas of risk.


All necessary regulatory requirements are produced by Softek to meet your auditor's needs. 


On any trade reconciliations for independent “3rd party” view of all daily settlements.

On any cross asset, fund and ETF decomposition strategies.

Creation/Redemption and other multi leg strategy analysis.

Start of-day buying power and minimum capital deposits for all your clients.

Stress Cash management tracking

Stress Test results of market and liquidity risk

Track Cross Margin and Fungible Asset Financing across multiple Exchange memberships

6 Million+

Trades processed daily

1 Million+


What Clients Tell us

"The flexibility of Softek's service allows us to implement our choice of house and/or regulatory policy monitoring per customer depending upon their profile quickly and seamlessly."

"Softek's customer care model is second to none. We always receive prompt responses to any critical issue and rely on their professionals to keep us aware of any major issues."

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