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Margin Replication
Margin Optimization
Policy Education
Intraday Monitoring
Firm Reporting
Basel III HQLA Reports


A robust and transparent solution for funds to help manage their prime broker relationships. Softek empowers clients to see margin requirement per broker, optimize position across primes and understand the impact the fund has on its primes.

Implementation and Care

Nothing is more important to our organization than each of our working colleague's commitment to the highest quality ethical standards. Together they form a dedicated group of technical, industry and client-care professional experts readily available to assist in addressing customer issues with prompt and efficient solutions at all times.

Asset Classes




Fixed Income


Asset Backed

Foreign Exchange

Service Benefits

Softek’s easily customized service for Hedge Funds enables you to:


All strategy, portfolio and stress based margin methodologies covered with full transparency into the underlying calculations    



Reassign securities across prime brokers to achieve optimum margin efficiency whilst retaining broker desired assets and minimums



Intraday recalculations and bespoke email alerts to help manage end of day margin requirements



Margin policy education and asset quality assessment gives you a tool to ensure you maintain good relationships with your PBs

40+ Credit  Policies

Access a vast Prime Broker library

$90+ Billion

Total AUM across 

Hedge Funds

What Clients Tell us

"Softek gives us the necessary transparency to stay on top of potential margin calls. This has significantly improved the relationships with our prime brokerages"

"Being able to optimise positions across prime brokers, whilst maintaining predefined minimums, has enabled us to improve beta whilst maintaining our prime broker relationships"

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