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Guarantee / Guarantor Relationships
Firm Wide Risk Reporting
Branch Level Controls
Investment Advisor View
Stress Testing
What-if Modelling
Margin & Credit Controls
Intraday Monitoring
Alerts for Key Accounts
Data Mining


A powerful and flexible service designed for firms that manage the interests of private clients, high net worth individuals, trustees, businesses and family offices.

Implementation and Care

Nothing is more important to our organization than each of our working colleague's commitment to the highest quality ethical standards. Together they form a dedicated group of technical, industry and client-care professional experts readily available to assist in addressing customer issues with prompt and efficient solutions at all times.

$115+ Billion

Total AUM across 

wealth clients

Service Benefits

Softek’s flexible service for Wealth Managers gives them the ability to:


Exposure, concentration, liquidity and credit risk at multiple levels including by; client, branch and firm.

Your data across multiple back office systems.


Risk controls using multi-tiered reports by client, investment advisor, branch or firm.

Multi-asset client statements.

Market and liquidity stress reports.


Client accounts on a daily and intra-day basis



Complex family structures such as guarantee / guarantor relationships

Asset Classes




Fixed Income


Asset Backed

Foreign Exchange

1 Million+


What Clients Tell us

"Softek was able to deliver the risk reports required to manage our business for a fraction of the cost of our back office provider.  At the same time they were able to meet our aggressive deployment schedule."

"Solving the guarantee / guarantor relationship issue was fundamental to growing our business."

"Softek's knowledge of our business and understanding of the data enables us to be competitive."

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